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Designing for a Theatre Production of Mulan

When choosing to design based upon a script, I chose to use the script created for the 1998 Disney film Mulan. I was able to focus my designs upon a theatre production interpretation of the original animation, choosing two scenes to show the development of the selected characters (Fa Mulan and Li Shang) across the production. Scene 10 allowed the characters to be displayed in their training attire whilst scene 20 captured what would be the finale costumes for the characters featuring elements of armour and formal dress wear of traditional Chinese dress.

The designs include elements of military uniform and oriental symbolism. Each of the designs were accompanied with complete full working technical drawings and fabric swatches to highlight the surface designs and textures being captured in the designs for the characters. Majority of the designs created through the process of the project used a combination of materials including Winsor & Newton pro marker, brush marker and watercolour paint, and Arteza fine liner and coloured pencil. 

Using the final design for Li Shang in scene 20, I constructed the full costume as part of a later project using specialist processes of leather moulding, distressing, fabric manipulation techniques and goldwork embroidery. This piece can be seen under the "Li Shang" page linked below.  

Sketchbook / Paper Materials @seawhitebrighton
Design Materials @cassart

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