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Staple Garment Drafting and Construction

During my time at Northumbria University studying Fashion Design and Marketing, I was able to gather key knowledge of garment drafting and construction when working with key staple garments used in the fashion industry. This knowledge has contributed to a greater understanding of clothing items which has been hugely beneficial into my prior drafting, construction and design processes - knowing how garments work and function as well as their aesthetic upon a person when complete. 

Through learning the process of a basic shirt and skirt, I was able to understand the process of pattern drafting different elements such as cuffs, plackets, collars, sleeves, pockets and button stands. Along side the pattern drafting process, I was able to investigate the construction of both the staple shirt and staple mini skirt, to understand the combination of patterns when part of fabrics and the garment when taken from paper form to physical form. 

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