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The Guardians of Childhood, A Ballet

Making for a Ballet Production of The Guardians of Childhood

Bringing the designs of the William Joyce children’s novel series forward into construction, pattern drafint research lead down both historical and contemporary routes to infuse the traditional and modern aesthetics of the characters, needed for the fantasy production. Construction techniques of the designs brought majority of my existing skills together to develop these processes further; corsetry, tailoring, embellishment and millinery. Whilst the project also encouraged the education and development of new skills such as making tutu/dance wear,  masks and accessories which were each progressed upon trhough collaboration and liasing with industry members and specialists in these fields. 

Further collaborations were required in order to create niche design references such as site services, dentists , automotive specialists, production/prop students and goldwork embroidery experts. All of which were able to contribute to my project needs with their expertise. 

Use the control bar to preview each of the character costumes using the website control bar under the "The Guardians of Childhood" drop down.

Materials @minervacrafts

Tailoring Materials @williamgee

Tutu and Dancewear Materials @valorosetutus 

Goldwork Embrodiery Materials @goldenhindegoldwork 

Construction: Welcome
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