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Cultural Appreciation

Cultural Appreciation V Appropriation Awareness

As part of research into the barrier between cultural appreciation and appropriation in modern western fashion, I was able to investigate the difference between the two in order to produce a debate essay following; "Is cultural appreciation mistaken for appropriation in modern western fashion and how is this represented within the industry?". The piece featured several different high end fashion brands and faces within the fashion industry that have approached cultural imagery to represent and raise awareness of these minority groups in the world. However, through research, it was found that poor execution and representation of the groups used as inspiration for the fashion designs that has encouraged others to fail in terms of cultural appreciation and consequently be part of the cultural appropriation collective. 

Along side the debate essay, I produced a creative response to represent the argument discussed in the written piece. The design displays the combination of cultural elements abused by modern western fashion brands (all of which were discussed in the essay) hidden by the brand labels and mistaken for their own designs. The design was created using a combination of digital design through Apple Pro Create,  and Adobe Photoshop, which was then taken to physical media using Winsor & Newton Pro Marker and Brush Marker, as well as Arteza Coloured Pencil and Fine Liner. 

Sketchbook / Paper Materials @seawhitebrighton
Design Materials @cassart

Contact me for a copy of my complete Cultural Appreciation v Appropriation essay.

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